Global leader in infrastructure sustainability

In October 2021, the internationally recognised GRESB Infrastructure Asset Assessment awarded EastLink the top “5 Star” ESG sustainability rating for the sixth year in a row.

EastLink was ranked 24th globally out of the 549 infrastructure assets of all types that were assessed by GRESB, putting EastLink within the top 5%.

Furthermore, in GRESB’s Transport (Road Companies) category, EastLink was ranked second in the world out of 48 road companies.

EastLink scored highly across all three sustainability pillars of the GRESB Infrastructure Asset Assessment:

  • Environment score: 29/29 (100%)
  • Social score: 44/45 (98%)
  • Governance score: 23/26 (88%).

EastLink’s overall GRESB asset score has increased significantly from 75/100 in 2019, to 91/100 in 2020, and to 96/100 in 2021.

By comparison, the average GRESB asset score in 2021 was 72/100.

EastLink sustainability report

pdfEastLink Sustainability Report FY2021

Sustainability Report highlights include:

  • Low casualty crash rate of 2.92 per 100 million vehicle km
  • Zero crash fatality
  • Zero Lost Time Injury (LTI)
  • Zero Medically Treated Injury (MTI)
  • Zero workplace fatality
  • 97km/h average speed
  • GHG emissions down 6.3%
  • Tunnel lighting upgraded to LED
  • Climate change risk assessment completed
  • $600,000 donated to community services
  • 54% reduction in EastLink infringements
  • Customer satisfaction at a record high

EastLink sustainability features

EastLink's sustainability features include:

  • The EastLink tunnels protect the environmentally sensitive Mullum Mullum valley
  • 480 hectares of landscaping with 4 million native trees, shrubs and plants
  • 63 wetlands treat road surface rainwater run-off before it is released to local waterways
  • 35km EastLink Trail for cyclists, pedestrians and runners
  • 12 public artworks, all by recognised artists
  • Distinctive architectural features, including noise panels and pedestrian bridges
  • High quality of customer service exceeds the Key Performance Indicator standards (KPIs) agreed with the State
  • Local call centre employs local people with local knowledge


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