EastLink prices changed on 1 July 2019

EastLink tolls have changed in line with inflation (+1.8%).

However, EastLink continues to offer the lowest tolls in Australia.

For cars, 10 of EastLink’s 13 toll sections are priced at either 43 cents (+1 cent) or 64 cents (+1 cent).

EastLink's toll cap for cars is $6.36 (+11 cents).

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Download the table of EastLink tolls, fees and amounts that apply from 1 July 2019:

pdfEastLink Tolls (valid 1 Jul 2019 until 30 Jun 2020)

EastLink continues to offer discounts on EastLink car tolls

On weekends and public holidays, EastLink car tolls continue to be discounted by 20%. For example, the toll cap for cars is $5.08 on weekends and public holidays. During the last financial year, this discount provided $13.4M in savings to customers.

On other days of the week, car trips that are limited to a single section of EastLink (excluding the tunnels) are also discounted by 20%.

Some fees and amounts that apply to EastLink accounts also changed on 1 July 2019

In particular, please note that the Minimum Balance Amount for pre-paid accounts changed from $14.10 to $14.35 - account top ups become due when your account balance drops below this level.

Some fees and amounts did NOT change on 1 July 2019

For example, the Top Up Amount minimum remains unchanged at $35 (please note that our website accepts top ups as low as $1 - when making your payment click on $35 then choose "Other amount" to specify how much you want to top up your account by).

The Image Processing Fee also remains unchanged at 30 cents - the image processing fee is charged for each trip made on EastLink using an account but without a valid tag.

EastLink continues to have ZERO surcharges for credit cards and debit cards

Only EastLink's toll accounts have ZERO surcharges for VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

Transurban's CityLink toll prices also changed on 1 July 2019

Transurban's CityLink toll prices change quarterly. CityLink toll prices changed on 1 July 2019.

For example, Transurban's CityLink toll cap for cars is $9.45 (+10 cents).

Please visit Transurban's "Linkt" website to find out more about CityLink's toll prices.

It's tax time!

Do you need tolls information for your tax return?

If you need copies of your EastLink account statements to help with your tax return, login to your account on this website. Once you have logged in, you can download your statements by expanding the >Statements tab at the foot of the page.

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