After one billion trips - it's time to resurface EastLink

Resurfacing works to commence Sunday 28 November and continue over three consecutive summers.

On Monday 20 September, EastLink reached ONE BILLION vehicle trips since EastLink opened in 2008.

Among the one billion EastLink trips there were 70 million trips by heavy commercial vehicles and a further 115 million trips by light commercial vehicles.

The impact of all this traffic means that it's now time to resurface the whole of EastLink (except inside the tunnels).

Resurfacing works will now commence Sunday 28 November, due to adverse long range weather forecasts prior to that date.

Details about road closures for resurfacing works.

Resurfacing works will be done at night, over three summers

Resurfacing works will be done at night, to minimise inconvenience to motorists.

Resurfacing can only be done in summertime, as night time temperatures are too low for asphalting works at other times of the year.

EastLink is huge: 39km in length and up to eight lanes wide, plus emergency lanes. There are also many access ramps to resurface, as well as the section of Ringwood Bypass between Ringwood St and Maroondah Hwy.

So we expect that it will take three successive summers to complete resurfacing.

We will resurface EastLink one road section at a time

Resurfacing will be done one road section at a time, with the road section being worked on temporarily closed overnight to allow the works to be conducted safely and efficiently.

The first road section to be resurfaced will be the eastbound section between Springvale Rd and Melba tunnel, followed by the westbound section between Mullum Mullum tunnel and Springvale Rd.

The top 30mm of the existing road surface will be ground off, then replaced with a new open-grade asphalt surface. New line markings will also be applied to the new road surface.

Each road section will be worked on over a number of nights, with the number of nights needed depending on factors such as the length of the road section and the number of running lanes and emergency lanes in the section.

This means that during the day, a road section might have a temporary running surface without line markings and with a reduced speed limit in place prior to that section being completed.

Rain as well as cold weather can affect resurfacing works

Please note that resurfacing works are very dependent on weather.

If it is too wet or too cold on a work night, the works planned for that night will need to be postponed for another night.

Resurfacing won't take place inside the EastLink tunnels

The road surface inside the EastLink tunnels is harder wearing dense grade asphalt instead of open grade, and therefore has a longer lifespan than the road surface on the rest of EastLink. This means resurfacing is not yet needed inside the tunnels.

100,000 tonnes of asphalt will be removed and recycled

Over the course of the resurfacing works, approximately 100,000 tonnes of asphalt will be ground off and removed from EastLink.

This removed asphalt will be returned to the asphalt producer for recycling and re-use in other road construction projects.

Keeping you informed

Throughout the resurfacing of EastLink we will provide regular progress updates via email news bulletins as well as on

Together with messages on EastLink's digital message signs, this will ensure motorists are kept up to date with information about which section of EastLink is being worked on, and about overnight road closures.

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