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EastLink sponsors South Side Festival (Frankston 6-15 May)

South Side Festival is Frankston's amazing new arts, culture and heritage event.

EastLink is sponsoring South Side Festival to help the local community reconnect with artists following the pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

Innovative. Thought-provoking. Immersive.

South Side Festival is about experiencing art, culture, heritage and food like never before.

It will transform and re-imagine multiple venues and spaces across Frankston city.

You'll be surprised what you find on the South Side... read on below for details!

Visit the festival website.

Arts and Culture

SSF frankstongenerator hero 1 clean south side festival

Mandylights - Frankston Generator
6, 7, 8, 12 , 13, 14 & 15 May (5pm-10pm)
Journey underground the Frankston Arts Centre into the core of a sprawling subterranean generator where a mesmerising display of lighting, audio and video installations create an immersive experience that is the first of its kind. Over a thousand lighting fixtures, interactive video screens, a wind tunnel and a high-energy musical soundtrack will guide you through the three level experience that guests are free to discover at their own pace. Details>>>   |  Watch the teaser video>>>

SSF eat my cake photographer shelley horan south side festival

Scratch Arts - Eat My Cake
6 & 7 May (7pm-8pm)
Marie Antoinette invites you to eat cake, indulge in irreverence and to peek behind the polished, pretty world that is force-fed to her. This is a wild piece of theatre and performance art that brings into question the grip that social media has over us and the power of its influence. Details>>> 

SSF moist photographer the might caesar southside festival

Scratch Arts - Moist
6 & 7 May (8:40pm-9:40pm)
This racy and hilarious spectacle is sopping wet as it takes you deep into a disco-fuelled dystopia. It is 4 absolute himbo thirst-traps getting soaking wet as they navigate epic circus feats and non-stop clowning. Details>>>

SSF image1 saturation 2021 south side festival

Collide - Saturation
6, 7, 8, 13, 14 & 15 May (5pm-10pm)
Saturation is a digital water projection piece developed and produced by digital artist Joel Zika and Collide Public Arts Initiative with Voices of Frankston choir (VOF). The work uses a unique system of projection onto water mist which creates a real-world augmented reality, images you can touch and walk amongst. Details>>> 

SSF murrundaya yepengna dance workshops south side festival

Murrundaya Yepengna Dance Workshops
7 May (2pm-3:30pm)
Dance at the beach with the Murrundaya Yepengna Dancers! A live Cultural event that informs your next bush walk or beach visit as you learn about the songs, dances and habits of the wildlife and flora during the time of Monomeeth (Autumn). Details>>>

SSF reckoning jacksongrant south side festival

8 May (7:30pm-8:20pm)
RECKŌNING is about reclaiming our power. Reconnecting with and rediscovering our Ancestry. Rediscovery of our Indigenous blood lines. Reclamation of the parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten and been made to forget. A cross cultural, multi art-form performance work which fuses Indigenous cultures from Aotearoa, New Zealand and Te Whēnua Moemoeā (Land of the Dreamtime) Australia. Details>>>

SSF circas peepshow photo by pedro greig shapes south side festival 800w

Circa’s Peepshow
14 May (8pm-9:40pm)
Circa’s Peepshow turns cabaret on its head, literally. Join Circa as they embark on a seductive dance through the hall of mirrors that is your imagination, Circa’s Peepshow lurches from the thrillingly acrobatic to the comically playful. Expect teetering towers of balanced bodies, extreme bending, beguiling burlesque, and devilishly precarious aerials. Details>>>


SSF the bandwagon

The Bandwagon - South Side Sessions
7, 8, 14 & 15 May (various times)
Fem Belling and Casey McCrae have turned a vintage ute into a swingin' curb-side, jazz club (well, jazz and anything else that can fit on the back of a Triton!). Hailed as one of the most exciting inventions to come out of Covid, The Bandwagon is taking Australia by storm. Bringing their signature brand of music magic to South Side Festival, expect The Bandwagon to pop up in unexpected places throughout the City of Frankston with some incredible musicians and experiences. Details>>>

SSF blank pp photographer telepathic media south side festival

Scratch Arts - Blankë Pøp
7 May (9pm-3am)
It’s Melbourne’s most favourite cheeky UV performance art party. Circus, burlesque, art and debauchery all night long with a huge range of performance artists alongside disco and house music. Bring your sweetest friends to the Brewhouse as we transform it into a blacklight filled playspace. Dig through your wardrobe for your UV reactive clothing, whip out the facepaints and make sure you stretch before this big night of dancing!! Details>>>

SSF mindy meng wang when credit renji pan south side festival

Mindy Meng Wang - When?
12 May (7:30pm-8:20pm)
In When?, Chinese Australian musician, composer and performer Mindy Meng Wang uses ancient Chinese harp (guzheng), cello with electronic effects, synthesisers and film footage collected by Chinese and Australian filmmakers to create an emotional and immersive audio-visual meditation on family, memories and life during global lockdown. Details>>>

SSF the funky town

Funky Town
13 May (7pm-10pm)
Presented by Frankston Music Community Network, Funky Town showcases Frankston’s diverse and vibrant live music scene which hosted Australia’s finest acts supporting the rise of Australian music. Details>>>

SSF PB piano bar 2 south side festival

A Taste of Piano Bar
13 & 14 May (6pm-midnight)
Dance the night away with us - a night of live entertainment with friends. Our stellar pianists and vocalists will be taking requests for your favourite songs, and we’ll have pop up drag shows from one of our superstar drag queens. Details>>>

SSF PB drag brunch frankston

Drag Brunch with Isis Avis Loren and Rubi Taboo
14 May (1pm-5pm)
There’s no better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than at Drag Brunch with Isis Avis Loren and Rubi Taboo! Enjoy your brunch favourites and delicious cocktails as we keep you entertained with 3 fabulous drag shows and our pianist taking all your best song requests. Our brunch menu and full bar menu will be available for purchase throughout the event. Details>>>

SSF PB pitch please piano bar south side festival

Piano Bar - Pitch Please
15 May (6pm-10:30pm)
It’s Piano Bar with drag queens and glitter - our Sunday nights have become a Piano Bar institution and for good reason. Featuring 3 spectacular drag shows and your requests played by one of our fabulous pianists, the word has well and truly spread on this extraordinary event. Details>>>

SSF PB family friendly afternoon piano bar south side festival

Piano Bar - Family Friendly Afternoon
15 May (1pm-5pm)
FREE (bookings essential)
For the big and little kids - an afternoon of live music for everyone to enjoy! Our fabulous Piano Bar pianists and vocalists will be taking all your family friendly song requests - plus a few Disney favourites – so you can dance the afternoon away! Details>>

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