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Reminder about scams and suspicious communications

EastLink often sends important account notices, toll invoices and overdue notices by email or SMS text message.

If you receive an email/SMS communication that appears to be from EastLink but which was sent to you maliciously by someone else, then you put yourself at considerable risk if you click on any link in the email/SMS or open any attachment to the email/SMS.

How to protect yourself:

If you receive any communication from EastLink that you are not expecting and you are unsure about its validity:

  • If it is about an EastLink account, go directly to our website (without clicking on any link in the email/SMS) and login to your account. Your account status, balance, statements and other account details will be shown when you login.
  • If it is about an EastLink toll invoice or overdue notice, go directly to our website (without clicking on any link in the email/SMS) and go to the Settle toll invoice function. You can then provide the licence plate number details of your vehicle, and the website will show any outstanding EastLink toll invoices or overdue notices for that vehicle.

Always ensure that the operating system on each of your electronic devices is up to date.

Always use internet security software to provide protection from electronic viruses, trojans and malware, and keep your internet security software up to date.

For more information and advice about scams and cyber security, visit these Australian Government websites:

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