Vehicle Classes & Tags

Different tolls apply to different classes of vehicle.

Vehicle class definitions

The vehicle tolling classes are defined as follows:

  • CAR - Cars are motor vehicles other than those that comply with the motorcycle, light commercial vehicle, heavy commercial vehicle or taxi classifications (below). Cars include those Cars towing trailers and caravans. 
  • LCV - Light Commercial Vehicles have two axles, cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes but not exceeding 4.5 tonnes.
  • HCV - Heavy Commercial Vehicles include all of the following vehicles:
    • Vehicles with three or more axles, cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes;
    • Articulated Vehicles with cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 1.5 tonnes;
    • Buses with more than 12 seating positions (including the driver);
    • Vehicles with two axles, cab-chassis construction, and a gross vehicle mass greater than 4.5 tonnes; and
    • All other vehicles with a gross vehicle mass greater than 30 tonnes.
  • Motorcycles (no tag required) are two wheeled motor vehicles (including those with side cars).
  • Taxis are motor vehicles licensed for operation as a taxi-cab under the Transport Act 1983 (Vic).

Why vehicle classes are defined this way

Vehicle classes are set by State legislation.

EastLink and CityLink have the same vehicle classes. This means the same tolling class applies to a vehicle for travel on CityLink and EastLink.

In Victoria, a vehicle's tolling class is based on the way the vehicle is built, not for the way the vehicle is used. Vehicle tolling classes are verified against industry data supplied by vehicle manufacturers.

If travelling interstate with a tag, you will be charged according to that State’s classification system.

Tag class must match vehicle class

You must always ensure that the class of the tag installed in your vehicle is exactly the same as the class of your vehicle.

For safety reasons, we do not issue tags for Motorcycles, and Motorcycles will not be charged an image processing fee in addition to the toll.

How to check the class of a tag

The class of a tag is printed next to the barcode on the side of each tag issued by EastLink.

Tag with class location 200w

How to install a tag

You must fit your tag in your vehicle according to the installation instructions.

Newer style tag (issued by EastLink from mid September 2019):

CE newTag

pdfTag Installation Instructions - newer style tag

Older style tag:

CE oldTag

pdfTag Installation Instructions - older style tag

What the tag beeps mean

Your tag should beep each time you pass under a tolling gantry.

  • One tag beep means your tag has been detected correctly. No action required.
  • Three tag beeps means your account balance is low. It's time to make a top up payment.
  • Four tag beeps means your account has been suspended. You need to buy an EastLink trip pass to pay for your EastLink trip. You must also separately make sufficient payment on your account to reactivate it for future trips. (If you hear four tag beeps on another tollway, e.g. CityLink, you need to contact that tollway operator to buy the appropriate pass for that tollway, e.g. contact CityLink to buy a CityLink pass.)
  • No tag beeps means your tag may be faulty or may not be correctly installed in your vehicle. For tag faults, contact your tolling account provider.


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