Community Partners

Supporting the community

EastLink provides the 35km EastLink Trail for cyclists, runners and pedestrians.

During 2021, EastLink provided the following donations to assist the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • January 2021: $100,000 donation to Peninsula Community Legal Centre (more details)
  • February 2021: $100,000 donation to Eastern Community Legal Centre (more details)
  • March 2021: $100,000 donation to EACH for Eastern Financial Counselling Services (more details)
  • April 2021: $100,000 donation to Beyond Blue (more details)
  • May 2021: $100,000 donation to Safe Steps (more details)
  • June 2021: $100,000 donation to Reading Out Of Poverty (more details)

EastLink supports a range of community partners in the EastLink corridor.

At this time, we are not seeking additional community partnerships.


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